What are the options being proposed for BBF Golf Course?

    In July 2021, City Council directed staff the explore two alternative uses. These alternatives include:

    1. Minor Repairs to the Existing Golf Course
    This alternative includes work associated with making improvements to the golf course that address safety issues as well as improving water conservation through improvements to the irrigation system. The study will look at the following items of work:

    1. Improve irrigation
    2. Repair or addition of safety netting
    3. Replace tees and greens as needed
    4. Assess the use of well water vs. potable water for irrigation use
    5. Shortening of Hole #9 for safety considerations
    6. Replace empty ponds with lowland native areas

    2. Restore the site to natural habitat with trail facilities
    This alternative includes discontinuing the use of the site as a golf course. This would consist of transitioning much of the existing golf course turf to native, climate-friendly landscaping, removing much of the existing perimeter netting and fencing, construction of a trail network, and design for potential environmental education programming. 

    This study will not include any changes to the existing Blue Pheasant Restaurant facility.

    Why are these options being considered?

    The Parks and Recreation System Master Plan (System Master Plan) is intended to direct future projects to reflect the priorities of the community. The adopted System Master Plan articulated priorities that include increasing recreational opportunities and improved access to nature.

    Referring directly to Blackberry Farm Golf Course “Master Plan Goal #1 – Conservation” states the following:

    “Within the Stevens Creek corridor, renovate the Blackberry Farm Golf Course to provide improved habitat value. Future decisions regarding the golf course property should respect the site’s unique creekside location and emphasize choices that are compatible with increased ecological value.”

    Currently, the City is studying the options to either repair the existing golf course or restore the property to natural habitat.